Lower your auto insurance costs.

Most insurance companies offer a discount for completing our state approved driving safety course.




Rapid certificate Processing

Certificates are printed every weekday and mailed that day. We offer many overnight delivery options to accommodate you.


Only ONE 6 hour comedy class

Choose from one of our convenient locations in: 

 Your driving record can include:

- The status of your driver license.

- Any points accessed on your license.

- If you've had any traffic accidents.

- Traffic law violations, convictions and fines.

- Public records of any DUI or DWI convictions.

Order Your Driving Record



- Patricia R.

Pasadena 8/7/15 - I learned so much! Very much information to take in. Great teacher & great people in class.

- Gregg W

Humble 7/25/15 - The class was a lot of fun 

- Mark L.

Pasadena 7/21/15 - Good teacher. All good - it was fun 

- Mayra G.

Kemah 5/10/12 - Lots of fun! Thanks for a good time. 🙂 

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